How our SIM card distribution services can help your retail SIM business and reap maximum value in terms of revenue and reputation.

Leap-Tel focused on becoming a leader in the Pay As You Go SIM card distributor across Uk. We are endeavoring to build a firm relationship with network partners and retailers and aim to distribute over 300,00 SIMS to all the retail stores spread across UK every month. Almost no person is without a mobile and almost no mobile runs a communication without a SIM card. Leap-Tel provides a wide variety of SIMs ranging from standard SIM cards, Micro SIM cards and Nano SIM cards which would appropriately fits in the slots of relevant mobile phones. The small circuit chip integrated to mobile phone offers a smarter job than any device which makes our life easier by connecting to the mobile user anytime and from anywhere. A fully managed SIM distribution services can help your retail SIM business and reap maximum value in terms of revenue and reputation..

Why choose us?
  • Comprehensive retail database
  • Market best commissions schemes.
  • Innovative merchandising solutions.
  • Constant increase in the distribution of SIMs per month.
  • Awesome connection and top-up rates.
What Makes Us Different?
  • We have a cutting-edge distribution services which helps both retail and network partners in reaping full value in their business.
  • We continuously monitor and manage supply of SIM cards and quality of connections.
  • We leverage innovative tracking system which helps our team to distribute SIMs and retailers to access their data online.
  • We have highly experienced professional sales team that has vast expertise in accounts.
  • We have a professional management team that delivers value to all our associates.
Merchandising Solutions?

Leap-Tel helps retailers in constantly increasing sales and increaseM in-store awareness by providing them a smart marketing resource. We have a talented in- house marketing team that can provide unparalleled marketing solutions which include:.

  • Retail Branding
  • In store promotion activities.
  • Out of the box marketing promotions.
  • Merchandising.
  • SIM display racks and Counter Display Units.
  • Social media marketing campaigns.

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